April 9, 2007

I'm dreaming of a white Easter

I'm a little surprised that the Journal doesn't mention yesterday's surprising Easter weather, except in an article from Atlanta. We went for a walk on the Jim Schug trail and found it covered in white snow, and there are still plenty of flurries today.

On the opinion page, Katrina Blair of Dryden is unhappy about the Village of Dryden's fending off an ag district, and finds lots of other problems:

I see that Dryden Village, which was founded on farming, hasn't stood by another farmer, Ken Miller, to get the right zoning. Shame on you Dryden and Tompkins County. We need farmers to feed us. Small farmers have nothing to do with greenhouse gases; they are talking about the factory (greed) farms that abuse the cows, give chemicals so they can give more milk. If we had more farms around, you wouldn't have the high volume of police calls in the Village of Dryden because the kids would be busy working on them. I grew up on a farm and wish I had one now. Instead we have empty stores, offer nothing, child predators that live next to the school and a high crime rate. Oh and you people that think of the smell think of when your table is empty and you have nothing to eat or your food is tainted because it came from another country. Stop and think people.

Greg Potter of Freeville writes about his feeling betrayed by the Democratic leadership because of their failure to seek impeachment of the President, noting that he won't donate to Democratic candidates until this becomes a priority.

Also on the opinion page, Jay Gallagher reports on strange things said in Albany. Elsewhere, Yancey Roy explores Governor Spitzer's record so far.

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