May 17, 2007

A second babysitter tragedy

This morning's Ithaca Journal leads with a terrible story, a a 2-year-old held underwater by her babysitter on Ringwood Road, and the update reports the girl has died. I thought 2007 had started horribly, but it doesn't seem to be improving. I don't know what to say.

A Cornell facility in Dryden, the Dyce Lab on Freese Road, is highlighted in an article on the colony collapse syndrome striking thousands of bee hives.

The Ithaca Schools are preparing for a second budget vote after Tuesday's vote rejected the first.

The County Legislature voted to support legislation aimed at keeping trash hauling trucks off local roads, and to request an extension from the state legislature of it's extra 1% sales tax. While I don't mind the general idea of having a second body look at tax rates beyond a certain level, it's another tie forcing county government to be kind to state legislators or suddenly find themselves short of cash.

I didn't get to yesterday's paper, but there were some Dryden items. TC3 gave nursing degress to a record class, the Dryden school budget passed, and the county sorted out funding for emergency responder communications equipment.

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