May 20, 2007

Simon and Angelika Get Married

My name is Dave and I'm blogging for Living in Dryden on special assignment.

Simon and his fiance Angelika got married this afternoon (Saturday). Later this week they are off on a multiple week honeymoon and vacation. Simon asked me to contribute to Living in Dryden while they are away. I will do my best.

I figured I would start with a post in a new category called "Simon's Life". Simon and Angelika invited me and Arjan to witness their wedding and to take part in their reception. Simon doesn't talk too much about his personal life on this blog, but he does live in Dryden and his marriage and wedding are to be celebrated. Leave some comments for Simon and Angelika if you wish.

I'll try to post here and at Dryden is Home in the next few weeks. You can think of it as Living in Dryden is Home.

David Makar
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KAZ said:

It was a WONDERFUL wedding, and although the ceremony wasn't in Dryden, the reception was. Congratulations to the happy couple, and have a great time overseas.

Catt said:

Sorry I missed the wedding... Congratulations ya'll finally did it!

Nathan Shinagawa said:

Congratulations to the two of you!

NYCO said:


Justin said:

Congratulations, Simon & Angelika!!

Alles Liebe für eure Zukunft!!

Sorry not to have been able to attend the ceremony in upstate NY, but happy to be at the Hamburg event :-)

Mike Lane said:

The wedding was truly remarkable:

A remarkable day.
(Happy the bride the sun
shines on)

A remarkable couple.
(A beautiful bride and a
handsome groom)

A remarkable meeting house.
(We stepped back into

A remarkable ceremony.
(So many could

A remarkable reception.
(A fine assortment of
food, drink, and good

A remarkable variety of people.
(So many relatives and

A remarkable future life
(All the right signs;
success is assured!)

Brick said:

Congratulations from Claire and David.