May 2, 2007

Dryden residents on county issues

This morning's Journal looks at the County Legislature's disagreement over budget goals, highlighting two Dryden legislators, Martha Robertson and Mike Hattery. Somehow the Journal lost track of party identification, and lists Hattery as a Democrat when he's definitely a Republican, and does the same to Caroline and Danby legislator Frank Proto. The article also notes the retirement of Dryden resident and County environmental health director John Andersson after 30 years of service.

On the opinion page, a guest column brings together Dryden Republican Committee Acting Chair Jim Crawford (in his work for the Community Faith Partnership), Deacon Cal Walker of Calvary Baptist Church, and Democratic County Legislator Mike Koplinka-Loehr come together to support the Ithaca City Treatment Court and its incumbent judge, Marjorie Olds:

Members of the community have also been killed or seriously injured by drunk drivers, and far too often. These crimes are preventable when treatment court works. What is at stake in treatment court is the very lives of both the addicted and their future victims.

(I'm not quite sure what effect Judge Rossiter's taking up drug court will have on these questions, which revolve around the question of who is appointed Ithaca City Court Judge.)

In the print edition, but not online, Varna resident Pattie Mahler questions the concurrent 25-years-to-life sentences recently given to Jacob Carter as too light a punishment for the crime committed.

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