August 9, 2007

Town Board meets tonight

The Dryden Town Board will be meeting tonight at the old Dryden Town Hall, 65 East Main Street, Dryden (map) at 7:00pm. One of the items on the agenda is "Discuss Moving to New Town Hall", which makes me wonder if this might be the last meeting in the old building.

Also on the agenda:

  • Appoint New Recreation Coordinator

  • Old Tuttle House Update

  • Tompkins County SPCA

  • Overview of Fall & Virgil Creek Water Monitoring

  • Fire Departments

Not on the agenda, but coming up, is the budget process for next year. Town Board member Mary Ann Sumner has posted the start of an explanation of where money came from and went to in 2007 (with graphs!) that's well worth exploring.

Hope to see you there!

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