August 8, 2007

Injured kitten on 366

I dropped my car off at Varna Auto Service this morning, and Angelika and I were going to walk home with Sprocket. (Spring isn't feeling well.) We had walked up across the street from the Methodist Church when we noticed a little kitten lying in the grass. It seemed unafraid but not quite right, and when it opened its mouth there was a bit of blood.

I went back to Varna Auto Service to get the car, so we could help it, but when I returned, someone else familiar was there: Chris, husband of fellow Dryden blogger Beth, of Loxosceles. She came over a few moments later. He'd heard the kitten get hit and moved it out of the road to its current place, and called the SPCA.

Injured kitten.
Angelika petting an injured kitten along 366 in Varna.

The SPCA minivan came by, full of animal carriers, and the woman collected the little kitten who was starting to move around a bit more. She took the kitten to the SPCA, but couldn't do anything about the other two kittens we'd seen while waiting.

Angelika called the SPCA later this afternoon, and the kitten was doing well so far. It seems like Chris helping it out of the road was critical, and the kitten will now have to heal.

I'd earlier heard a complaint that students had left behind a pregnant cat at the end of the school year, and the SPCA wasn't eager to take in the kittens. I don't know if this was one of those, or if the area just has a lot of kittens.

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beth said:

The area does have a lot of kittens - there's a surge of them every spring. A few months ago, an email went out on the SPCA volunteers list saying that they had FIVE HUNDRED CATS with more on the way - I believe that was an all-time record for them.

If you like kitties, the SPCA is always looking for people to foster them. Just a few weeks of care in the spring or early summer can really help. (There are always cats throughout the year, too, but kitten season is a big squeeze on the SPCA's resources.)

sure i'd love to foster a kitten. Just email me if you can and give me more information. But im pretty sure it would be fine just to foster them. Email me.

From, Marissa

Dani Applegate said:

I live near Van Meter, Ia and would like to say I take care of many cats every year because of all of the strays that live in the Madison county area and they all find themselves to our house eventually and we have no animal control and would like to get someone to come and control them it's hard to get them fixed. HELP!!!

Dani Applegate said:

This story is so sad I really feel for the kitten!

Robert Haft said:

College students are sadly pretty stupid about their pets. My neighborhood is full of fertile strays left by thoughtless college students from UIC. :-(

Mackenzie said:

I think thaat is soooooo sad

Emily said:

did that cat end up in the cats protection lege? cos it look exactly like the kitten I got from there, he's coming on a year now but when we got him he was about five months??

Adriana said:

I got a cat 4 years ago and I'll tell you the story.Ok,me and my family were getting stuff for the house. We drove to the parking lot and saw a crowd of people gathering around this box. We came closer and saw a box full of free kittens!! My grandmother took two of the kittens and my brother took 1 cute kitten and my dad said we can have it. My cat is still here and she is a trip!! She does funny things like, open doors and does weird sleep moves!My aunt had the cat my grandma took but I don't know what she did to the cat. My grandma has the cat she has it still and its fat! I love my kitty. She is almost 4 years old now.

erin said:

the kitten is so cute ! i wish i could take one but i have 2 kittens at my house tht were rescued from an animal shelter. their names r cosmo and maia. they r 1 year old now and they were born around june 2.