August 30, 2007

Youth activities starting up; Tompkins economy slows down

Cathy Wakeman's Dryden Town Talk reported yesterday on scouting and youth activities. She noted that Girl Scouts had planted trees to help stabilize Virgil Creek, and both Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts are getting ready for more activity with the new school year. She reports on the Dryden High School Student Council's upcoming 5K Dryden Dash for Charity, which will be held September 30th as a fundraiser for the Make-A-Wish foundation. She notes the Dryden Youth Commission's call for programs and for a new member, and also reports that donations to the Southworth Library book sale will be accepted until September 14th. The sale itself will run September 20th-22nd.

On page 4B of the print edition of today's Journal, Elia Kacapyr reports that July's economic activity looks bleak, with 1500-person drop in employment, even after seasonal adjustment. (I'm a little curious where those 1500 jobs were, since I don't think I've heard of many layoffs, and some new businesses have opened.) Retail sales fell a bit, airport boardings climbed a bit, building permits jumped (66%), home sales fell (25%), and help wanted advertising climbed a bit.

In breaking news, the State Business Council gives upstate, and Tompkins County an "F", something I'll talk more about later.

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