September 11, 2007

BMX bike theft; politics

This morning's Journal reports something I've seen very rarely: a theft committed by a resident at the William George Agency, better known as George Junior Republic. A BMX bike was apparently stolen from Stewart Park in Ithaca August 13th by a juvenile who had left the agency the previous night. Ithaca Police are looking for the bike's owner.

The opinion page includes a letter from Kathleen Quinn-Jacobs calling for the impeachment of Vice President Cheney. A letter from former Ithaca Town Board member Ellen Z. Harrison brings up an old episode in Dryden politics:

The last straw for me was when instead of backing the new "good government" Democratic slate, she supported a Republican incumbent for Dryden supervisor who embodied the worst of politics.

I believe that was Valentino's endorsement of Jim Schug over Mark Varvayanis, who wrote to support her yesterday. Valentino also endorsed Mike Hattery for County Legislature over Mike Lane in 2005. While I don't normally have any interest in getting involved in surrounding municipalities' politics, her regular incursions into Dryden politics gave me a clear conscience for sending a donation to Herb Engman.

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