September 5, 2007

Fire on Ringwood damages house

This morning's Ithaca Journal reports that firefighters quickly put out a fire at a house on Ringwood Road yesterday, using water they carried from the Cornell Barns. Dryden led the response, with Varna, Etna, Freeville, Cayuga Heights and Slaterville also responding. Update: Apparently the fire rekindled, and firefighters are back on the scene.

There's a report on Ithaca schools' redistricting which seems to focus on the neighborhood effects near Northeast Elementary and on the Caroline schools, but there's no mention of Varna, where student shifted to Caroline. (I know at least one family that moved because of redistricting, and still marvel that Varna kids get a hilly bus ride to the second-furthest elementary school in the district.)

Along the western edge of Dryden, the county supported Hanshaw Road reconstruction and the Town of Ithaca Planning Board voted against a development moratorium on Sapsucker Woods Road.

There are a few articles that present contrasting views of the state's health, with pension costs declining (because of investment success) and the likely cost of services for the elderly in Upstate climbing. There's also an article which makes me wonder if pessimism about Upstate may in fact be creating new problems, as Scottrade had a hard time finding workers in Ithaca, a place that should be producing them.

On the opinion page, County Legislator Martha Robertson writes about strategies the county and local governments hope to pursue to bring more affordable housing to Tompkins County.

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