September 5, 2007

Dryden Community Cafe sustains momentum

The Dryden Community Cafe held another meeting last night, this time a business meeting. Business meetings tend to attract fewer people than "Hey, let's talk about this cool idea" meetings, but they still had around 35 people there.

Business meeting about the Dryden Community Cafe
Business meeting about the Dryden Community Cafe

Most of what happened last night followed pretty naturally from the previous meeting. The main things that seemed clear were:

  • The group will move to take possession of Charlie's Diner earlier, hopefully in October, and start using the space for fundraising events toward a more formal cafe opening around January.

  • The cafe may start out run by volunteers, but will aim for a substantially paid staff as the project moves forward.

  • A lot of the conversations will move into smaller, more focused committees that can work out the details.

  • They're still waiting approval of the non-profit status by the New York Secretary of State, and will begin taking donations (and setting up an official organizational structure) as soon as that arrives.

This idea seems to be finding some real traction, and I hope we'll see it blossom soon.

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