September 24, 2007

Remembering Gallagher Hill

If tomorrow night's candidates forum isn't for you, the Dryden Town Historical Society is offering another option down the road. At 7:00pm at Dryden Village Hall, Patti Kiefer will be exploring "Gallagher Hill: An Incomplete History of Lot 57:"

In 1982, Patti and John Kiefer purchased the house at 260 Irish Settlement Road on Lot 57 in the Town of Dryden. In early 2006 - to mark their 25th year in the house - Patti decided to put together a short history of the property as a gift to John. She explored the records in the Town Clerk's office, searched the archives of the Dryden Town Historical Society, and spoke with the older residents of the area known as Gallagher Hill. What she came up with is a fascinating wealth of information not only on her own home but also on the men and women who brought the area to life in the mid-19th century and the families who still reside on the Hill.

Come and learn about the Webb Corbin and Frank Gallagher families and the history of the farm. Hear from long-time residents who recall bobsledding all the way down the hill to Route 13 and winter storms that would leave them stranded for weeks on end. Hear about berry picking, picnicking, walking up the hill to the signal tower from Willow Glen School, and enjoying the scenic views in the days before the area became overgrown with trees. Join us and share your own memories and add to the history of Lot 57.

The binder Patti Kiefer assembled is incredible, and it's clear this will be a great night. I really wish I could be at this one.

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