October 9, 2007

Former Binghamton superintendent to lead Dryden

This morning's Journal reports - catching up to an announcement last Thursday - that retired Binghamton superintendent James Lee will manage the Dryden schools until the school board finds a replacement for departing superintendent Mark Crawford.

Briefly in Tompkins a few Dryden-related items including a blood drive tomorrow from 1:00pm to 6:00pm at the Dryden Veterans Memorial Home (map). They also note the redistricting panel sponsored by Assemblywoman Barbara Lifton which will include former County Legislator Mike Lane.

The Journal also announced a new publisher. His credentials look fine, but combining that job with being the publisher of the Elmira Star-Gazette makes me worry that Gannett's continuing consolidation will mean that there's less actual news coverage in this area. It's weird to me to look back at old papers and find so much more actual information about local events - I just can't figure out how exactly we've all settled for this kind of paper.

There is hope, of course - I noted this morning that the two weekly papers have some excellent campaign coverage. Maybe the Journal's decline into part of a regional paper opens new opportunities for some other papers. (Or maybe the Cortland Standard should expand its delivery area - I need to call them again to see if they'll deliver here yet.)

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