November 17, 2007

Caroline school improvements

I've generally covered the Ithaca schools less and less, unless something was directly relevant to Dryden residents. Most Dryden elementary students in the Ithaca School District attend Caroline Elementary, so this report of safety improvements should be welcome. There's also an article about the latest in Ithaca High School's continuing racial tensions.

(The Ithaca schools certainly deserve their own Living in Dryden-style blog, but I worry that I'd overwhelm this blog if I covered Ithaca schools news in any depth lately.)

Two Dryden residents received awards recently - Ellen Fagan, honored as a Sweet Adeline of the Year, and Samuel Jason Merrill, who was inducted into TC3's Alpha Gamma Nu Chapter of the Phi Theta Kappa honor society.

In broader prospects for Upstate, Ithaca Forward shares its reflections on September's "I Live NY" event in Cortland.

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