November 17, 2007

Republican campaign splurges

While we Democrats were wondering if we could afford to send out photocopied black and white mailings and lit drop pieces, the Republicans went on a multimedia binge - web advertising, a real live office, and even television. (We all skipped radio this year.) I'm not sure how effective it all was, but these will be hard things to forget:

Republican 'Deal of the Week'
Part of the animated Republican 'Deal of the Week'

Chris Clauson's office in the Village of Dryden
Chris Clauson's office in the Village of Dryden

TV ads on Republican site
TV ads on Republican site.

Apparently the Republican TV ads ran on cable, on CNN and maybe more.

I look forward to learning how much this all cost when the campaign finance filings appear - and really hope that the Republicans remember that donations of goods and services have to be reported as well. All those glossy brochures and signs had to come from somewhere...

Posted by simon at November 17, 2007 9:37 AM in
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Cheryl Nelson said:

Hi Simon,
Reading your blog is like seeing a car wreck - you know you shouldn't look, but you just can't help yourself. Now I know why the Dems. are against people that actually work for a living instead of wasting their time doing this all day. Maybe instead of playing with your blog all day, every day, you might think about getting your outdated campaign signs removed from all yards. People are commenting that they are polluting the visual environment!!! Due to your strong environmental stance, I am sure that you wouldn't want that, would you?? Maybe you could learn from the Republicans professionalism in expeditiously removing signs. I am sure this message will get posted to your site, so hopefully you will print it in its entirety instead of your half-baked, one-sided versions that you seem to post regularly.
Thanks and have a good evening,

Thanks, Cheryl -

I thought we'd collected the signs, but it sounds like we must have missed some. Kind of like the Clauson sign still sitting on 366 at Pro-Lawn, I guess. Or the Fazzary sign I just picked off of Route 13.

I'll ask folks to take another look.

KAZ said:

Gosh, now I know where Brent gets his polished manners and his clever way with words.

I have seen a couple of our signs still on Irish Settlement. I have also seen a couple of GOP signs nearby. I will make sure to remove them all.

asdf said:

Cheryl, I think that you need to just accept the fact that you lost a close race. As the Republicans said to Democrats after 2000 and 2004 -- quit the whining and get over it already.