November 19, 2007

Changing sewer district boundary for TC3 dorm?

Saturday's Cortland Standard has a more detailed look at a strange problem with TC3 and the Cortland Road Sewer District:

TC3 President Carl Haynes said Friday no one noticed the that the college's fifth dorm, completed during the summer, was outside the sewer district boundary that runs through the middle of the campus.

Haynes said the college is asking for the sewer district boundary to be moved south to the college's property line.

The college is also looking into building two more dormitories, which raises larger questions about the moratorium on new construction in the sewer district. (The Town runs the sewer district, which feeds into the wastewater treatment plant in the Village of Dryden. This is one small and kind of funny part of an incredibly long and complex conversation about the future of the plant and the district.)

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