November 15, 2007

Final election results

These are still unofficial, but it looks like the Board of Elections counted absentee ballots.

The Board of Elections is now showing:

Town Supervisor: Mary Ann Sumner 1550 (+71), Cheryl Nelson 1422 (+66)

Town Board: David Makar 1601 (+82), Joe Solomon 1487 (+77), Stan Marcus 1366 (+66), Walter Keeney 1343 (+58)

Town Justice: Chris Clauson 1703 (+96), Jason Leifer 1381 (+65)

Town Clerk: Bambi Hollenbeck 1892 (unopposed)

Those who had a lead seem to have gained a bit more of a lead.

There's one part of the result here that surprises me a lot, though: the relationships between Town Justice votes and the other votes. Jason Leifer may have lost to Chris Clauson by over three hundred votes, but he still outpolled Stan Marcus and Walter Keeney, the Republican Town Board candidates. Clauson outpolled fellow Republican Cheryl Nelson, the candidate for supervisor, by almost 300 votes, and Mary Ann Sumner, the winning supervisor candidate, by over 150. There seem to have been a lot of people who went into the polls and only voted for Town Justice. (3084 total votes for justice; 2972 for supervisor.)

The trend I pointed to earlier - voters supporting Democrats more across the Town - is still in place after the absentee ballots. The only district where I noticed much of a change was Varna, which shifted slightly Republican in absentee ballots, but not enough to change the trend:

DistrictDescription% Dem 2003% Dem 2005% Dem 2007Dem Trends
1West Dryden39%44%52%all up
2Freeville area37%42%37%up then down
3Malloryville/McLean14%37%32%up then down
4Varna67%67%72%stable to up
5Etna46%51%59%all up
6Village of Dryden24%37%40%all up
7E and N of Dryden20%32%41%all up
8Snyder Hill, Rt 7968%67%74%down then up
9Ellis Hollow Creek74%74%80%stable to up
10South Central Dryden28%38%43%all up
11Dryden Lake24%35%36%all up
Total41%49%52%all up

(You can see more details on how this table was calculated in my original results story.)

Turnout was definitely strongest on the east side and southwest.

DistrictDescription2007 Turnout
1West Dryden28%
2Freeville area40%
6Village of Dryden46%
7E and N of Dryden46%
8Snyder Hill, Rt 7940%
9Ellis Hollow Creek43%
10South Central Dryden45%
11Dryden Lake45%
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