November 14, 2007

Seatbelt season

It's always seatbelt season, really, but State Police are busy enforcing seat belt laws, starting from a checkpoint in front of their barracks on Route 13 in Freeville.

The opinion page has two Dryden letters:

  • Cheryl Wagner of Freeville writes about today's Borg-Warner union vote. (There's mention in the article of 38-year employee Cheryl Nelson; I'm wonering if it was supposed to be Cheryl Wagner. But maybe there are multiple Cheryl Nelsons around, and multiple Cheryls who have worked there for 38 years.)

  • Gary Rith of Etna writes to complain about Democratic election signs that were stolen just before election day from his property and a neighbor's. (We did have a few complaints about stolen signs this year, though nothing like the wholesale disappearances that seemed to plague the Wilkinson campaign in 2005.)

Looking beyond Dryden, NYSEG's Voice Your Choice has opened its fourth round for 2008. I find the program annoying and pointless; others find that it just doesn't work.

The Journal seems to have left yet another county news story off their web site, but no one spoke at the county budget hearing last night. Legislator Nathan Shinagawa says some glowing things about budget chair Mike Koplinka-Loehr, which I'm guessing combines with yesterday's endorsement from Kathy Luz-Herrera to make Koplinka-Loehr a likely candidate to replace Tim Joseph as Legislative Chair. Western Dryden legislator Martha Robertson also mentioned her interest in the position in yesterday's article. I guess we'll see in January. (Update: The article is on the site, just not linked from Local News. Weird.)

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David Makar said:

With the help of about 20 people last November and December I wrote a primer on "Choose or Lose" (Voice Your Choice), it is available to the public here: If you have any comments or additions to this, please email me and I'll update this page.