November 13, 2007

More blogs in Dryden?

Over the past few weeks I've heard more from and of people in Dryden who want to start their own weblogs. For them, I just updated the What You Need to Do This piece that's always linked near the bottom of the left-hand column.

Also, I do keep a roster of "Dryden Bloggers" in the left-hand column right under the Recent Comments list. I'm happy to post links to Dryden residents blogging, whatever the subject they've chosen. It even seems to generate some traffic. Just let me know!

Posted by simon at November 13, 2007 8:29 PM in
Note on photos


Simon, I visited most of the Dryden bloggers the other day and noticed quite a few authors who don't appear to be writing anymore . . .

Blogs do come and go. I generally leave listings for blogs that still exist online if their owners are still in Dryden.

If the site goes away completely, if they move away, or if they ask me to take it down, I remove the listing.