December 5, 2007

Lake Huron sends us snow

Every now and then I get into a conversation about lake-effect snow, and I usually talk about how Lake Erie sends snow to the Buffalo area while Ontario sends snow to the south and east. Somehow, yesterday, Lake Huron got into the act as well, thanks to high winds. The Journal reports 3.2 inches in Freeville, though Cortland got 8 inches, and Auburn 10.

Cathy Wakeman's Dryden Town Talk looks at a big thank-you planned for Russ Kowalski and his family at Friday night's Dryden basketball game:

The goal of Friday night's tribute, then, will be to show Russ how much the Athletic Department appreciates the endless hours of volunteering he and his family have done over the years.

There will also be an auction for the Dryden Lion Wrestling Program in the Dryden Middle School gym at 6:30pm on Friday, December 14th. Finally, Wakeman provides a very busy list of holiday concerts.

State Senator Jim Seward comes through with $80,000 of state discretionary mad money to help support the county's $20 million emergency communications project.

On the opinion page, Arthur Barry of Dryden writes to object to an earlier writer on immigration, and Dan Karig (of Bethel Grove) writes to ask for people with memories of swimming at Stewart Park to contact him.

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