December 6, 2007

Lots of elections

Today's Ithaca Journal editorial questions New York State's habit of letting elections fall all over the calendar, with elections in March, May, November, and whenever. It's definitely a strange problem to have to convince people that there's an election going on, and I have to admit I find the idea very appealing. I'm not entirely sure what the mechanics would look like, because of the ways that boundaries don't align neatly, but I suspect that it wouldn't be very hard to figure out a saner way of holding elections.

The Monitor reports a strange-sounding accident at 79 and Brooktondale Road.

There's also a report on the state's new Project Sunlight, which I hope will let citizens break down the intricate webs of connections that make New York State politics such a mess.

Update: I missed this letter from Elizabeth Elser about a naturalization ceremony speaker.

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