December 12, 2007

TC3 seeks dormitory expansion

TC3 is hoping to build two more residence halls, adding 268 beds to its current 546. There are a few obstacles to sort out, mostly notably the moratorium on further development in the Cortland Road Sewer District. I was happy to see these claims of responsible construction:

Ross said the project will be built at the prevailing wage rate with as much local labor as possible, and will be built to achieve a "Silver Standard" according to Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design guidelines.

The first part of that may avoid a repeat of this protest, while the second suggests that the building might have a bright future even as energy prices climb.

They hope to have the $19 million project completed by August 2009.

Dryden resident Bill Cornell writes to support his son's presence at a naturalization ceremony, responding to earlier criticism of the ceremony, particularly Judge Mulvey's remarks.

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