February 25, 2008

A calmer take on reptiles

This morning's Journal goes for cute photos of reptiles with children at Saturday's Varna event rather than my scaremongering "lizard that ate Varna." Oh well - they're a bit more accurate.

There's also a piece on water quality in the Finger Lakes that's a nice overview to questions about why protecting Fall Creek matters.

On the opinion page, County Republican Committee Chair Mike Sigler of Lansing trots out a very tired old Republican chestnut, that Democrats are "people beholden to downstate interests". The Republican Senate constantly funnels education and other money Downstate, to wealthy Long Island and Westchester districts that aren't really desperate for cash. Sure, they don't like New York City, but has their hostility actually made things better for Upstate?

I dislike Democratic Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver as much as any Republican I've ever spoken to, and long for an end to his perverse reign. At the same time, though, it's hard to think about the prospect of Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno falling without breaking into cheers. The hard question isn't whether we need to remove these people from power - yes, we do - but the more practical challenges of how, and what comes after.

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