March 4, 2008

Getting diapers ready

I warned some friends today that there's likely to be a lot less "hard news" on this site for a while, because we're preparing for one of life's great disruptions: our first child. Angelika's expecting our baby around March 30th, and we're busy finishing house renovations so that the baby will have a room and we can actually walk through the house.

Right now, Angelika's pre-washing a lot of diapers to have them ready for when the baby arrives.

Drying diapers
Drying diapers.

The diapers are from Jillian's Drawers down on Cayuga Street in Ithaca. Some are plain cloth, and some are fancier, with snaps that make them easier to attach. Eventually we'll also be using some pocket diapers, which look extra-easy to get on and off.

There'll be a lot more news - soon!

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