April 14, 2008

Election costs drive poll consolidation

New election equipment will cost the county extra, as New York State's painfully slow process for updating its equipment rolls into a presidential election year. To avoid some of that cost, the Dryden Fire Station is going to host more polls:

The Dryden Fire Station will absorb two polling places. Voters who typically went to the Village Hall and the Dryden Baptist Church will now go to the Dryden Fire Station.

(The machines the Board of Elections chose for the county are fine with me. I'd prefer to keep the old lever machines, personally, but the federal government, among others, won't accept that option. Alternately, a return to plain paper ballots counted by hand would be fine with me.)

Gary Simmons of Dryden writes to object to the $1.25/pack increase in New York's cigarette tax.

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