April 14, 2008

More on TC3 security

Saturday's Ithaca Journal had an article on changes to campus security, including TC3 security. There's also a piece that interviews students about it.

A Dryden resident was sentenced to probation and restitution for theft committed while managing the Ithaca AutoZone.

There was also How They Voted in Albany (budget bills) and How They Voted in Washington.

Silas Magee of Dryden participated in a Clean Snowmobile Challenge as part of the Clarkson University team.

There were three Dryden-related Laurels - one from the SPCA, one from Dan Karig of Brooktondale, and one from Natasha Thomas thanking the Sheriff's department, kids at Etna Park, and someone who found her wallet there.

In news updates over the weekend, there was a notice that the Cornell garden plots on Freese Road are available.

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