May 26, 2008


I said I'd take a break from covering the Journal, and then, of course, they started publishing lots of things that deserve highlighting.

For Memorial Day, they remember WWII veteran Bud Hulslander and his work remembering veterans. In the Life section, Crystal Howser of Freeville also remembers Hulslander, her grandfather.

In their piece on Cornell's graduation, they note a Dryden resident's graduation and exceptional works:

Skorton used Jessica Houle, a graduate from Freeville who grew up in Conger's mobile home park, as an example of a social entrepreneur. Houle created a program to provide mentoring and recreation and leadership opportunities in mobile home parks. Houle has been recognized for her work to bring equality to the social strata as the recipient of the Maribel Garcia Community Spirit Award.

"The tangible results of social entrepreneurship can be breathtaking and inspirational," Skorton said. Later in his speech he added, "Cornell and its alumni have taken their responsibility for public service very seriously for 150 years. We seek to apply knowledge and creativity for the public good and to lighten the burdens of the world."

In Darts and Laurels, Dryden resident Susi Varvayanis thanks participants in their second annual Public Engagement and Science Communication Symposium, including "students from Dryden High and Tompkins Cortland Community College, who brought perspective and insightful comments to the competitors". Deborah Parker sends thank yous for the "Mock Car Crash" at Dryden High School.

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