July 30, 2010

Dog helps detect arson

Fire investigators had a little canine help when they determined that the fire at Bryan Bangs house was arson.

His gray coat, inquisitive eyes and friendly disposition invite smiles and pats. But it's that black nose that makes Shadow so special. This silver Labrador is used as an accelerant-sniffing dog and works as a state fire investigator. Shadow searches for the material used to start a fire to help determine if the blaze was arson or accidental. One of his most recent tasks was the July 10 arson at the home of Ithaca Police Sgt. Bryan Bangs, who was exonerated in June in the fatal shooting of a convicted Ithaca drug dealer.

There's also a letter wondering if Bangs' house should have been better protected.

It looks like the TCAT bus system will be draining its reserves to stay afloat next year.

Norwich is a few miles down the road, but you may still want to keep an eye on your tomatoes and potatoes.

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