July 12, 2010

Fire in Etna connected to shooting in Ithaca?

Fire investigators will be working overtime to determine the cause of a fire early Sunday morning at the Etna house of Bryan Bangs, the Ithaca Police Sergeant recently cleared in the February Shawn Greenwood shooting. Officers were trying to arrest Greenwood, who knocked Dryden Police Sergeant Fred Whitsett to the ground with his car. A neighbor who was up early helped Bangs escape from his roof.)

(I probably should have covered that story earlier, given the Dryden police connection, but it seemed more like an Ithaca story than a Dryden one. Now I definitely have to report it as a Dryden story.)

NYSEG rates will be going up around 9%, and Congressman Arcuri faces a tough race this November.

The Journal published a lot on the cost of county government, noting ways in which winter's unpredictability makes for difficult budgeting, public safety is always a challenge, and the library avoids overtime.

There's also a piece on Forest Home, just west of Varna, and how its older houses are central to its charm and property values.

And finally, State budget? What budget? Yes, it could be worse. We could be in Illinois. I fear we may be there soon enough, though.

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