September 23, 2010

Cortland Produce coming to Dryden?

I'd just noticed the disappearance of Ithaca Produce, but now it looks like that building may soon be in use for its intended purpose once again. Cortland Produce is considering moving to that distribution facility, if they can sort through Ithaca Produce's bankruptcy proceeding and get some tax abatements. There's a bit of an explanation of what happened to Ithaca Produce and why this should go differently:

Ithaca Produce based its expansion plans on its ability to get new business, particularly from Route 13 chain restaurants, but that didn't happen and they couldn't make the debt service payments, TCAD President Michael Stamm said. That shouldn't be a problem for Cortland Produce as the company primarily services local restaurants and has no outstanding debt, Tesoriero said.

There's also an update on the dire county budget, and I'll note this piece on local elections to note that there are no Town of Dryden positions on the ballot this year, for the first time since 2004.

Beyond the Journal, there are a few pieces on the Arcuri/Hanna congressional campaign. This one looks at television commercials, while this one looks at how national trends may or may not affect the outcome.

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