September 21, 2010

Catching up with the Journal

Travel and work have put me behind, so here's a quick catching up with the last few days of the Ithaca Journal. Little of it is specific to Dryden, but it's all relevant.

Dryden schools got dinged by the state, though student performance seems to be improving. State standards are just getting more demanding faster than improvement is happening.

The DEC released a state forest management plan that includes Yellow Barn and Hammond Hill State forests.

After a plane struck a deer July 25th, the FAA requested (and is largely funding) a wildlife assessment for Tompkins County Airport.

November's congressional race seems to be within eight points. (For more detail and poll internals, see this Times-Union piece.)

The Journal had a few more pieces on last week's EPA hydrofracking hearings, including a wrap-up, a report on the crowds, and note on the last speaker. For more on next steps, see this New York Times piece on likely advisors to the process.

The County Legislature is setting up a committee to look at expanding broadband access to the Internet, and it looks like back pay for the Sheriff's road patrol was arbitrated.

There's a piece on promoting the Finger Lakes Trail, which crosses through Dryden's southeast corner.

Finally, the state Public Service Commission approved a substantial rate increase for NYSEG. (What happened to NYSEG backing down? I guess they didn't.

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