September 3, 2010

Journal posts local salaries

I'd complained earlier that the salary averages the Ithaca Journal posted were weirdly meaningless, but today they've posted lists of salaries.

It's oddly incomplete, with only some municipalities included, but the Town of Dryden, Village of Dryden, and Tompkins County are there. Freeville is missing.

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Mary Ann said:

It's not surprising that the Journal doesn't do any heavy lifting to post this salary info. They ask municipalities to submit the information. Some municipalities respond and some don't. I wish the Journal would fill in the blanks at least for elected officials salaries which are easily available in legal ads in every municipal budget season.

A newly elected board member in Enfield has gone to the trouble to put together info for all Tompkins County Towns (except Town of Ithaca, which didn't respond.) Maybe I should publish it on the town website.

Openbook NY ( is a good place to look for local government revenue/expense info.