October 6, 2010

Two accidents in two days on Route 13

I wondered why 13 was closed on Monday, and unfortunately it was an accident at the Ringwood Road intersection. Yesterday there was another crash, this time between a car and a tractor-trailer. Be careful out there!

Update: Alas, yesterday's accident was fatal. Update again: Worse, fatal to both people in the car.

In brighter Dryden news, Cathy Wakeman marvels at the many organizations that make Dryden a great place to live. She then notes the Sertoma spaghetti dinner and S.A.N.E. silent auction on the 15th, the Varna breakfast buffet on the 10th, and the Chili Cook-Off and Apple Pie Contest at the Dryden Community Center Cafe on the 16th.

If you want to vote in November, you need to register by Friday.

Two stories take a look at what's likely going to be a long waterfall of the state dumping responsibilities to local government while pretending to do something about taxes. The first is about local government probably having to take over work on the Black Diamond Trail (on the other side of the county) because the state just doesn't have the resources. The second is on the County Legislature opposing a property tax cap in an age of ever-increasing state mandates. Something's going to break here in the next few years.

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Linda Woods said:

My Daughter and son in law died on that road, can you please tell me about rt 13 our hearts are broken. you can email me jwlw76@aol.com