September 29, 2010

Does the state actually review these?

I'd noted back in January that the Town Board discussed some strange flaws in a gas-drilling approval on Irish Settlement Road. The state Department of Environmental Conservation didn't seem to have looked at the site very carefully. Now residents are pushing back on a DEC policy that lets drillers put "not known" all over their applications. The state fills those in, but based on the January discussion I'd say it's not exactly careful about it either.

This year's green house tour is this Saturday and Sunday from 10:00am to 4:00pm. You can find more details here. It looks like there are two houses in the Town of Dryden this year, one on German Cross Road and one on North Wood Road.

Finally, I'm pretty sure Thomas Seeley, the author of this book on honeybee democracy, is a Dryden resident. It's not normally the way people think of honeybees, but the more I've learned about them the more complex their world seems to be.

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