November 3, 2010

Turnout down across the town

When compared to November 2006, our last midterm election:

DistrictVotedTotal% VotersWhere2006
Dryden 1510103049.51%West Dryden53%
Dryden 246785554.62%Freeville64%
Dryden 311023946.03%McLean50%
Dryden 437675649.74%Varna60%
Dryden 528252254.02%Etna55%
Dryden 646780857.80%Dryden Vil W64%
Dryden 749090454.20%Dryden Vil E64%
Dryden 856494060.00%Ellis/Bethel70%
Dryden 952384262.11%Ellis/Creek74%
Dryden 1040773555.37%South Hills64%
Dryden 1145075659.52%Dryden Lake67%

I don't think this pattern favored either party much. The numbers will climb a bit through absentee ballots, but I don't except that to break through the 2006 turnout figure except maybe in Etna.

Too many robocalls? Too many crazy television commercials? I'm pretty sure it wasn't too many signs this year.

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