December 16, 2010

Dryden Community Garden awarded grant

Cathy Wakeman's Dryden Town Talk describes a grant Tompkins Trust Company awarded TC3 and the Dryden Community Garden:

According to the award announcement, Kerra [Quinn] and TC3 students Giovanni Griffin and Lauren Fitzgerald will "involve Dryden elementary students and other community members in planting a 'Three Sisters Garden' using traditional Iroquois planting methods for squash, corn and beans. The project will include history, biology and nutrition lessons, as well as intergenerational sharing with the residents of Willowbrook Manor."

Kerra explained more of the vision behind the project during a busy afternoon of caregiving. The team's goal is to make growing local sustainable food a common experience for school children, especially those who might not have opportunity to do this elsewhere. The love of local foods and their history will be explored through children's literature and local lore. Children will be involved in growing food from the planning and planting stages through harvest and creating foods to share. The feast will be shared, along with the lore, with senior members of the community at Willowbrook Manor.

She also reports on Christmas happenings at Dryden churches and schools.

Dryden schools are addressing a variety of recent concerns about athletic uniforms and coaching.

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Joanna Green said:

Way to go Giovanni,Lauren and Kerra!