April 8, 2011

Weather station preview

After three decades or so of wanting one, I've finally planted a weather station in my back yard. I don't have to be the only person to see its data, though - you can get information overload from the current data, updating by the minute. It's using wview to collect and process the data.

It's not precisely attractive right now, and definitely not perfect - I need to level it for the rain collection to be accurate, and the rain data that's there is further screwed up by snow we had blocking it. The wind data is a little different because the anemometer is only five feet off the ground, but that's where it needs to be for us to calculate evapotranspiration. Still, it may be fun to look at.

(Also, Rose Day, Week, Year collect wind data over longer intervals so you get a sense of prevailing wind direction and strength. That'll be more useful when it's been running for longer.)

More soon!

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Great. Maybe I'll take the plunge, too, one of these days. I linked to it from my Ellis Hollow blog: http://ellishollow.remarc.com/

Still a favorite for local weather is the Game Farm Rd. logger: http://www.nrcc.cornell.edu/climate/ithaca/gfr_logger.html This time of year especially it's good for tracking soil temps.