May 23, 2011

And another critter

I posted some game cam pictures of skunks and raccoons earlier this month, but now we have another night visitor: a possum.

Possum exploring.
Possum exploring

Possum visits chicken coop.
Possum visits chicken coop.

The possum came by a couple of nights, but doesn't appear to have actually gotten into anything.

We did have a problem, though - our neighbor came by a few nights ago to report that he'd seen a fox carrying away our last two adult chickens. That was just twilight, and we'd seen the fox around in daytime. (The chickens had defended themselves well in prior attempts.)

We do have seven pullets growing up, and a dozen new ducklings on the way, but for now our only adult poultry is a very lonely duck. There's a lot more fencing and construction work to do this year...

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