May 25, 2011

Seward signs on for local zoning of gas drilling

I'm very pleased to report that State Senator Jim Seward has co-sponsored S.3472, a bill clarifying current law so that municipalities can regulate oil and gas drilling through zoning.

The bill amends subdivision 2 of § 23-0303 of the environmental conservation law, as added by section 846 of the laws of 1981, allowing for any local government to enact or enforce local laws or ordinances of general applicability if the local laws do not expressly regulate the oil, gas and solution mining industries regulated by state statute, regulation, or permit. Local governments shall not be prevented from enacting or enforcing local zoning ordinances or laws which determine permissible uses in zoning districts.

This is great news for everyone from opponents of local gas drilling who've been pushing for this approach to the Baseball Hall of Fame.

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