September 8, 2011

Fall Creek full, but mostly short of flood

Fall Creek (measured at Forest Home) is abnormally high, but just touching the 'action stage' and not crossing into flood stage territory. We got 3.67" of rain at my house yesterday, but that scarcely compared to Binghamton's record 7.49", which is producing some serious flooding there.

At lunchtime, I took a quick tour of Fall Creek and some of its tributaries, including Dryden Lake, Virgil Creek, and Egypt Creek. Streams were high, and lots of people were taking pictures. The only substantial flooding I saw, however, was very close to Fall Creek, and largely in undeveloped (for a good reason) areas or fields.

Flooding along Herman Road.
Flooding along Herman Road.

Campbell Meadow, I mean stream.
Campbell Meadow, I mean stream. (Compare with this earlier picture.)

Campbell Meadow definitely makes great sense as a natural area. I'd wished for a while that maybe it should have a picnic table or chairs, though the water I saw today makes me think that would have been a risky idea.

Virgil Creek under Route 13 in the Village of Dryden.
Virgil Creek under Route 13 in the Village of Dryden.

I've also posted a gallery of pictures of Fall Creek and its tributaries around the town for a more complete view.

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Mitch said:

Sadly, the Campbells did donate a picnic table this year and where it is now we may never know.