November 3, 2011

Lots of election-related news

I'm about 20 stories behind on pieces I wanted to write before the election, with little sign I'll get them done. Still, there's lots popping up, so...

There was a piece on Dryden's fracking ban on NPR's Morning Edition this morning. Town Supervisor Mary Ann Sumner is interviewed, while her challenger, Bruno Schickel isn't there. Maybe he was embarassed by his last outing on public radio?. Instead, we get more Henry Kramer cheering on industry and spreading fictional math.

In the Dryden Courier, Glynis Hart has conversations with both Mary Ann Sumner and Bruno Schickel.

The Ithaca Journal reports on Tuesday's candidates forum in Varna, and has a viewpoint piece from Bruno Schickel. I'm guessing there will be a matching piece from Mary Ann Sumner at some point?

The Journal also asked local candidates "What is the most important issue facing the Town of Dryden in the next four years and how will you manage it?" Deborah Shigley, Republican, "did not answer this week's question", but you can find answers from:

I should probably mention that Joe Solomon is registered without a party, but is running on the Democratic line.

There's also mention of the wireless broadband project's construction getting underway, supported by a grant from New York State.

Finally, there's an article on water issues and gas drilling on the front page that's well worth reading. I hope to come back to it for a closer exploration.

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