January 27, 2012

'Puking Man in Headdress'

I, uh, liked "Abraham Lincoln riding a vacuum cleaner" better than "Puking Man in Headdress", but yes, I have to agree that the proposed version of Dryden's Senate district:

looks like a man wearing an elaborate, feathered headdress while projectile vomiting.

Dryden, of course, is one of the projectiles. Great.

Posted by simon at January 27, 2012 9:12 AM in
Note on photos


Jason C said:

Wow. As a very very casual state politics observer I have had lots of positive feelings about the way things were going. This is a set back. Although these are the 20 worst, it is absolutely pathetic that this would even go this far. I know the first job of a politician is to get reelected, but this is silly. Make a box, do a good job, let the chips fall where they may.