February 21, 2012

Empowered: The Movie

Empowered: The Movie came out a few months ago, but I'm afraid I hadn't realized just how deep its Dryden, mostly West Dryden, roots are. Suzanne McMannis, who built this wonderful strawbale house on Bone Plain Road with her husband, produced it. Shira Golding Evergreen, the director, is one of the people working to revive Ludgate Farms over on Hanshaw Road.

The film is about a local phenomenon:

Tompkins County, NY is one of the cloudiest, least windy places in the country, and yet its residents are proving that we can meet our energy needs through totally renewable resources. From solar and wind to veggie oil and geothermal, Empowered: Power from the People tells the story of one community's role in the energy independence revolution.

The Dacha Project, also in Dryden, is featured in the film, and they've posted an excerpt from the movie about what they've done. They ask the right questions, and it's great to see their work.

I wonder if there's an easy place in Dryden to hold a screening?

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hey simon,

yes, this film definitely has many dryden threads - we'd love to do a screening of empowered here! inshik lee from tc3 has been in touch about doing something there but the details haven't been nailed down yet - stay tuned...

are there other good venues you can think of? schools perhaps?

all are invited to get the dvd and organize a screening of any size by filling out our online form at http://empoweredthemovie.com/empower-yourself/organize-a-screening

- shira :)