February 21, 2012

Empowered: The Movie

Empowered: The Movie came out a few months ago, but I'm afraid I hadn't realized just how deep its Dryden, mostly West Dryden, roots are. Suzanne McMannis, who built this wonderful strawbale house on Bone Plain Road with her husband,...

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May 21, 2011

Dacha project rising on Bone Plain road

It's a house, not necessarily a Russian vacation house, but the impressive educational homestead these folks are building reminds me that Bone Plain Road seems to be the place to be over the last few years for strawbale homes and...

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January 14, 2011

Crash on 34B claims driver's life

34B has a lot less traffic than 13, but always seems pretty dangerous to me. Passing over the double-yellow seems common, and even though much of it is straight, the line of sight isn't always ideal. It's not clear what...

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December 22, 2007

West Dryden boy fights cancer, with help

This morning's Ithaca Journal reports on Robbie Busby's battle against Burkitt's lymphoma, and the community support his family has found to help with the fight. As usual, the complicated and largely useless Voice Your Choice electricity supply program hasn't exactly...

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August 12, 2005

Too little water, too much traffic

Jennie Daley reports on last night's Dryden Town Board meeting, highlighting problems residents reported with their water systems and traffic. Cathi Calori and Art Berkey presented their work on a possible water district for Ellis Hollow Road from Game Farm...

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July 17, 2005

Comprehensive Plan debated at public hearing

Thursday night's public hearing on the proposed Town Comprehensive Plan demonstrated residents' concerns and hopes for these guidelines for future development in the Town of Dryden. The first speaker, after Supervisor Steve Trumbull had opened the hearing, noting that this...

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April 10, 2005

Flying over Dryden

My friend Jeff is a flight instructor whose house overlooks the Village of Dryden, with a clear view all the way to the airport. As a flight instructor, he gets to spend lots of time in the air, but not...

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February 19, 2005

Trash collector injured

This morning's Ithaca Journal reports that Albert Miller, a trash collector was injured on West Dryden Road early on Thursday. The Freeville Fire Department and Dryden ambulance responded, and Miller was taken by helicoper to Arnot-Ogden hospital in Elmira. Briefly...

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October 3, 2004

Visiting a strawbale house

Several houses in Tompkins County were part of the Northeast Sustainable Energy Association's 2004 Green Buildings Open House. I didn't make it to the Tompkins County SPCA, which is usually more accessible than private houses, but I did get to...

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January 2, 2004

West Dryden Road Church

I drove by the West Dryden Road Methodist Epispocal Church yesterday and took a picture of this historic landmark: West Dryden Methodist Episcopal Church (map). George Goodrich writes of the founding of this church: The first Methodist society in the...

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