June 22, 2012

A bit of jealousy for friends with geothermal systems

While I'm upgrading heat sources and tearing up the back yard, I'm also cursing the heat. Friends of mine who tore up their yards and upgraded their heating systems to geothermal, instead of (or in addition to) a woodstove, are enjoying the benefits of air conditioning this week.

I asked about geothermal years ago when we upgraded the furnace and insulated the house, but at that point those folks weren't recommending the extra cost and complication of a geothermal system when natural gas was available, and the amount of land we had for a possible system was marginal. (You either have to put in a lot of wells or dig large horizontal trenches.)

Now, of course, we've planted all that land with things we don't want to disrupt, so we're not going to do even more digging than we've done in any case. So no air conditioning! Oh well.

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