September 18, 2004

200 years of worship in Etna

The Etna Community Church, founded as the First Baptist Church of Dryden, is celebrating its 200 years of activity. Pastor Robert Doan, Postmaster Judy Auble, and a group of volunteers were posting information about the church and getting ready for tonight's hymn singing. I've posted a gallery of photos from the church, and here are a few.

Etna Community Church
Etna Community Church.

Historical marker for Etna Community Church
Recently repainted historical marker for Etna Community Church.

The church lobby will be open this weekend with displays of church documents, photos, and all kinds of information going back to the founding of the church. Bob Brackett was happy to tell me about the church-inside-a-church, a second layer inside the original building, and the bell with its two ringers, cast originally for the Methodist Church that used to be in Etna but at the Community Church since its 1904 centennial. They'll be having hymn singing tonight at 6:30pm, and a worship service tomorrow at 10am with a reception to follow. My gallery doesn't really capture it or the energy of the people there - it's definitely worth a visit!

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