September 9, 2004

More trail work on Hammond Hill Saturday

As exciting as the Hammond Hill block party August 21st was, wet conditions kept them from finishing the trail work. There's a bit left to do, if you're looking for something good to do on Saturday morning. Ann Leonard writes:

Charlie and I spread almost all the remainder of the gravel on the trail this Monday and Tuesday evenings, hurrying to beat Francis to the punch. This morning I cleaned up all the water pipe ends and ditches, and raked as much gravel as I could to even out the ruts left in the trail by the tractor tires. Mostly now we need to make it all look pretty. So if you care to come along on Saturday September the 11th, say around 9 am? we can rake and shovel and maybe pickax and hoe the whole thing back into shipshape, plus bring in the remaining gravel to fill in where needed. I promise to bring a big bunch of brownies for trail crew.

The trail, Yellow Trail One, is opposite the parking lot on Hammond Hill Road.

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