December 27, 2004

Airport, TCAT issues

There isn't much news specific to Dryden today, but there's county news that could definitely affect getting in and out of Dryden. TCAT avoided a fare increase this year but is watching next year closely, while the airport is trying to add another carrier in addition to the twice-bankrupt US Airways.

In the "This Week" listings, the Foundation of Light will be having a Burning Bowl Ceremony on Friday from 5:15pm to 7:00pm. Just to the west of the Town of Dryden line, the Cayuga Bird Club will be having a dish-to-pass supper at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology on New Year's Day at 6:30pm for participants in their Christmas bird count, much of which is in Dryden.

The Journal's editorial takes an optimistic look at the Tompkins County economy.

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