December 28, 2004

Freeville pancakes, ICSD redistricting

The only Dryden-specific event mentioned in today's Ithaca Journal is a listing for a pancake breakfast at the Freeville Fire Station, to be held Sunday, January 2nd, from 8:00am to 11:00am. All of the Dryden fire departments, along with others in the county, are noted in today's editorial, which suggests:

"During the holiday season, people often take time to think about their lives, their families and their communities. This would be an appropriate time to think about becoming a volunteer emergency medical technician or firefighter."

There are a timeline and article on Ithaca City School District elementary redistricting, going from a public hearing January 4th to a decision March 8th. An article on Cornell happenings notes that:

"The School Demography Program at Cornell's Institute for Social & Economic Research has been working with the Ithaca City School District in recent weeks. The partnership has produced substantial new data, including breakdowns on attendance zones at individual elementary schools. Other maps are being produced to illustrate district-wide data on median family income, open enrollment patterns, racial composition and families with school-age children.

They provide an email address to contact for further information, but I don't see any of the information at the CISER web site.

There's also an article on what local residents can do to help the relief efforts following the tidal waves in Asia.

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