December 29, 2004

Pay raises, energy choices

In this morning's Ithaca Journal, Dryden County Legislator Mike Lane argues for lower pay raises than those supported in a competing plan:

"Legislators work hard," Lane said. "You can't expect them to work for nothing. On the other hand, we have to come to a level at what a part-time legislator in Tompkins County has to be compensated at. At this point, I think the other proposal is a little higher than what I thought it would be."

Pay has been frozen for the last three years.

The Dryden Recreation Department is still accepting registrations for wrestling (ages 5-14) and volleyball (grades 4-6). There's also another listing for the pancake breakfast at Freeville Fire Station, which will be held Sunday, January 2nd, from 8:00am to 11:00am

There was a minor accident along 34B yesterday afternoon, caused by weather conditions.

New York State seems to have reversed itself on a plan that took traffic fine money from municipalities, with the Assembly, Senate, and Governor repealing legislation passed earlier this year that would have taken $23 million from municipalities and given it to the state.

On the opinion page, the Journal's editorial looks at the high cost of living in Tompkins County and encourages municipalities to "consider new solutions that would increase the stock of affordable homes without running afoul of the town's zoning or planning needs."

Jon Harrod writes an opinion column about choosing green energy in the Voice Your Choice electricity supply choice program. Harrod notes both NYSEG's "Catch the Wind" program, where customers pay extra to support wind power, and Sterling Planet's partnership with Agway Energy that lets residential customers purchase green energy directly. (Jon planned the energy improvements to my house, and I'm definitely inclined to trust what he says.)

The deadline for NYSEG's "Voice Your Choice" program is tomorrow, December 30th.

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