February 8, 2005

Profile of TC coordinator, ICSD redistricting

This morning's Ithaca Journal includes a profile of TC3 multicultural coordinator Jean D'Arc Kakusu Campbell, exploring how a man born in the Democratic Republic of Congo came to Dryden "to make TC3 a place that embraces and celebrates every culture."

The paper also finally sheds some light on the impact of Ithaca City School District elementary redistricting on a small part of Dryden:

The 71 kids who live in Varna west of Forest Home Drive to Wing Road, who currently attend Cayuga Heights, would instead go to Belle Sherman.

According to their maps, this includes short stretches of Dryden Road and Forest Home Drive in the Town of Dryden, and a large swath of the Town of Ithaca. (Incidentally, the ICSD has the broadest definition of "Varna" that I've ever seen. I never would have included the Vet school, Forest Home, or any parts of Warren and Pleasant Grove Roads as Varna.)

An article contemplating the Lenten tradition of reflection and penance and how similar traditions run in several religions visits the Foundation of Light.

Briefly in Tompkins notes that "the Tompkins County Legislature is inviting community members to apply for a seat on the Community Mental Health Services Board." Ithaca City School District open enrollment forms are also now available.

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